Equity Advisory: Role of Equity Advisor in India

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509Equity Advisory: Role of Equity Advisor in India

Equity investment, whether in the Indian, European or US stock market, involves a certain degree of risk. You require adequate knowledge and expertise to understand the market dynamics and manage your equity investment proactively. You need to continually identify investment opportunities or the opportune time to pull out of equity to earn rewarding returns. 

However, it is still possible that you may exercise poor judgement and earn losses. That’s where equity investment advisory services can come to your rescue.

Who are Equity Advisors?

Equity advisors are trained stock market professionals who possess the necessary proficiency and experience to manage equity investments. They know proven and time-tested equity investment styles and strategies. They charge a fee for their services, which is usually nominal as compared to the time and effort you would usually put in if you were to manage your investment on your own. 

Equity advisors are also known as share market brokers or mutual fund advisors, depending on the type of investment they handle.

Role of Equity Advisors

Here is how equity advisors can guide you:

  1. Understand Your Financial Goals

Equity advisors make conscious efforts to understand your short-term, medium-term and long-term goals financial goals vis-à-vis your risk appetite. Based on the evaluation, they recommend a suitable equity investment strategy to fulfil these goals most profitably. They also help you to set the right expectations from the returns on your investment. 

  1. Pick the Right Stocks

There are two avenues to invest in equity – direct stock and mutual funds. It could be difficult to decide where to invest and how to invest to build a good equity investment portfolio. Equity advisors have the analytical skills to research extensively and gather industry insights. They can pick the right stocks and mutual funds across various market caps, industries and sectors to invest on your behalf.

  1. Build a Diversified Portfolio

All financial experts believe that you should never put all your eggs in one basket. This means that you should expand your portfolio to include various investment options while keeping the primary focus on equity stocks. Equity advisors recommend ways to build your portfolio with different asset allocation options to diversify the risk, minimize the losses and optimize the returns. They also monitor and review the portfolio from time to time to grow your wealth over the long term.

  1. Take Prompt Investment Decisions

Due to a lack of awareness or a busy schedule, you may lose an entry or exit opportunity if you don’t act on time. However, equity advisors keep a vigilant eye on market movements and economic trends. They are familiar with bullish and bearish trends of the stock market. Hence, they can help you book the profits or prevent losses at the right time. 

Just imagine the lakhs of rupees of losses you might incur due to a bad decision! Equity investment advisory takes away all your investment worries. They offer constant investment support and save your time in managing the equity portfolio. Hence, they are worth every penny.

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