Key Benefits of Investing in the Stock Market

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193Key Benefits of Investing in the Stock Market

Wondering what’s all the hype about investing in stocks and seizing the moment? You have landed at just the right place for an answer!

If you have been working on your investment portfolio, stocks can be a valuable part of it. Investing in different companies or as they say ‘owning stocks’ in different companies can help you work towards your savings and protect your money from inflation and risks. While there is always a risk involved in stock investments, hiring a stock trading company can do wonders for you. If you live in Mumbai or nearby, good and trusted stockbrokers can be easy to find. Most stock trading companies, given the current scenario, serve their clients online too which has become a convenient mode of communication. But before you reach out to a stock advisory, why should you consider investing in the stock market? Let’s find out:

  1. The gains you would get

First and foremost, the main reason why most investors enter the market is looking at the opportunity to grow their money. Though the stocks rise and fall daily, if you invest in companies that have steady growth and you see a potential in them, you are likely to make profit. If you invest in multiple companies, you’ll be able to build your wealth by leveraging the growth in different sectors of the economy.

  1. Expansion in your income

Relying on your salary is a safe source of income. But if you are looking to grow beyond that without giving up your fixed source of income, investing in stocks is the best way to go. Some stocks give you returns in the form of dividends while some deliver annual payments to the investors. You’ll receive these payments even if the stock loses its value. On the other hand, dividend income can be your resort for your retirement plan or for buying more stocks.

  1. Get higher returns in a shorter time

Unlike investing in bonds and fixed deposits, stock investors have a greater opportunity of making more money in a shorter period of time. By this, we don’t mean you make hasty investments that are beyond your risk appetite just to make more money. But a good stock advisory will guide you through the path and help you achieve these profits with stability.

  1. You get the ownership stake

By investing in a company, you get the ownership stake and the benefits of being one of the business owners. Being a shareholder, you get the right to vote on corporate board members and specific business decisions. You will also annually receive the reports of the company which can help you analyze its business. Apart from your personal job, owning stocks in a company can add loyalty to the business and make your investments a part of its success.

  1. You pay lesser tax

When you invest in stocks that provide dividend income or capital gains, you are taxed at a lower rate as compared to your regular income (your fixed source of income). This is an advantageous prospect to consider over the other investment options open around you.

  1. It’s not as risky as they portray it

The bigger picture that most anti-stock investors forget is that the Indian stock market is regulated by the Stock Exchange Board of India (SEBI). This implies that the body has the authority to regulate the stock exchanges and protect the rights of the investors in the market. As an investor in the stock market, your interests will be protected by the official board, making it less risky. This also helps keep fraudulent companies at bay or at least make them accountable to their investors.

To summarize, stock investments come with their own risks and benefits. Being calculative and having foresight can help you make better decisions when you enter the stock market. However, reaching out to stock market brokers or stock advisories can help you build your portfolio in the right direction with minimized risk. Mumbai is home to all big and small investors and finding stock market brokers and advisors won’t be a task, you can search for them online too. But make sure your advisory company understands your goals and you can trust them.

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