Benefits of Mutual Funds Calculator

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1595Benefits of Mutual Funds Calculator

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an easy way of investing in mutual funds and the safest bet when looking for a regular investment option with higher returns because it lets you save or invest in securities in a controlled and stable way over a long period. You can never fear facing losses as this investment instrument usually gets guided by industry-experienced professionals. However, it is crucial to have knowledge about utilizing SIP to its maximum potential and making the most out of your mutual fund investment. That is exactly where a SIP calculator comes into play. A mutual fund calculator is an online tool that helps an investor comprehend how SIP functions and how you can earn the optimum capital gains to meet the financial goal.

PR = P* (R* (1+i) n - 1) * (1+i)


[PR = Potential Returns, P = SIP amount, i = compound interest return rate]

A SIP calculator follows the above formula. The main benefits of using a mutual fund SIP calculator are:

1. Helps make informed decisions: An SIP calculator can efficiently help you kickstart your mutual fund investment plans. It helps you with the selection of the most beneficial SIP as you can easily switch between interest rates of different SIPs with similar investment amounts. You can check out various options with respect to your monthly investment scheme by just changing the variables. It helps you understand which SIP will reap more profits and guides you to make the decision accordingly. This way you can always be sure about your financial planning and selecting a top-performing SIP to invest in.

2. Easy to use: All SIP calculators facilitated by fund houses online are very easy to understand with a user-friendly interface. If you are a beginner in this field just starting with investments and need to gain knowledge about the bigger picture, then a mutual fund calculator is your go-to companion. To calculate the SIP, all you have to do is enter a few mandatory details in the mutual fund SIP calculator like the amount you want to invest, the number of instalments, the frequency of investments that are either monthly or quarterly and the expected rate of return. With just a click, the calculator will generate results about the returns that you will be gaining out of your investment in mutual funds. 

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3. Accurate and fast results: An investment is synonymous with calculated risk and hence, figures associated with it demand accuracy. You get precise results about the invested amount, maturity amount, and capital gains on the amount invested. This automatic process supported by a fixed formula system eliminates the efforts and scope of error that comes with calculating it all manually. Since it can be accessed online 24*7 free of any cost and the results are always just one click away, the process is faster and hassle-free with one-time input giving information about all the aspects of investment. You don’t have to worry about carrying out multiple calculations to know different figures. 

4. Helps to plan well and invest wisely: With mutual fund SIP calculators, investors can devise their investment plans strategically in order to achieve their long-term financial goals. It allows you to predict the outcomes of your investment scheme. You can change figures like investment or tenor amount to see the impact on your plan. This way you can always choose the variables that are most likely to yield the highest returns. 

5. Advantage of starting early: Since the SIP calculator helps to find out the amount that you need to invest regularly and acts as a trusted guide, investors can start their planning at a very early stage of their life. The small investments will build into a strong aggregation eventually and help diversify and strengthen your work folio. It will also help you develop a healthy habit of investing in mutual funds regularly. With consistency and discipline, achieving long-term goals won’t feel like a huge task.

At Ajmera x-change, we are always dedicated to making all the finance-related processes smooth and stress-free for you. Our online SIP calculator generates the most accurate output in just one click making your first investment seem easier than ever!

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